Get Framed: 3 Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Wear Glasses

Some people view their eyeglasses as an integral part of their personality. For others, a pair of specs is just a necessary evil, to be taken out of the case and used when they can't wear their contacts. No matter how you feel about your eyeglasses, you must admit that they've certainly come a long way since the days of monocles. When you visit your optician for your next pair, you'll find even more innovations in eyeglass durability, style and comfort.

These 3 trends make it an awesome time to choose your next pair of glasses:

1) Frames are more durable.

Since eyeglasses can be a significant investment, you want to be sure that the frames holding the lenses are strong and impact-resistant. This is especially true for adults and children who play sports, and for those who do heavy physical work.

While there are still delicate frames available, you can now select frames made of materials like titanium. This metallic element, which is a grey tone, is nearly indestructible. It's also less likely to corrode, which is a consideration for those who spend time in the elements or in humid or damp working environments.

The titanium can be mixed with a plastic called acetate so that the glasses don't look as if they're made of metal. This material is extremely lightweight, and won't affect those who may be sensitive to metals.

2) Eyeglasses are now considered a fashion statement.

Forget the old "four eyes" jab. Glasses are now high couture, with designer frames sometimes costing over $1,000. A pair of specs can now be considered an essential element of your personal wardrobe.

You're not limited to a few trending selections, either. Because of the diversity in the eyeglass-wearing public, opticians now carry a variety of styles, from old-school Clark Kent frames to eyeglasses colored like gummy bears in bright reds, oranges and greens. Bright blue is a current favorite color for frames, but gold is making a comeback. Rectangular glasses are trending out, in favor of John Lennon-style round lenses or chunky square frames. However, cat-eye glasses are still in high demand.

Consider purchasing 2 or 3 pairs in diverse styles. You can change glasses with your mood or activity, and you'll always have a spare pair.

3) Glasses are now more lightweight.

Both lenses and frames have become easier on the bridge of your nose, and on the tops of your ears. That's because eyeglass lens and frame designers have developed all sorts of lenses and frames that are extremely lightweight.

Another reason glasses have shed ounces is that many models have gone screw-less. The new models have hinges that don't rely on screws to hold them together. This also eliminates the need to have a repair kit at home in case the screws come loose. And besides, who can see those teensy little screws when you can't wear your broken glasses to fix your broken glasses?

Some screw-less frames even have interchangeable temple and ear-pieces, so you can alternate your look to suit your outfit. You can be comfortable and fashionable, all while sporting a pair of specs. It really is a great time to need glasses. Talk to experts like Granville Mall Optical for more informaiton.