Leaving On An Extended Trip Abroad? 3 Reasons To Schedule An Eye Exam Before You Go

When preparing for a trip away from home and especially to another country, it's likely that you've already made plans to schedule a visit to the doctor for vaccinations and a thorough wellness checkup. One place you may have forgotten about that can be very valuable if you wear glasses is your eye doctor. Your optometrist can help ensure that you're ready for your trip and that you won't have any issues related to your vision while abroad on your trip.

Make Sure Your Prescription is Up to Date

Your eyes are regularly changing, especially if you're still young. With this in mind, you'll need annual eye exams to make sure that your prescription glasses are the ones that you should be wearing. Getting an eye exam doesn't take much time and can ensure that your prescription is correct and if not, that you'll be able to get new glasses that are more accurate. This will help ensure that you're able to see all the sights on your trip without any blurriness or other vision issues.

Order a Spare Pair of Glasses

It can be so upsetting to be on a trip abroad and lose your glasses, leading to you not being able to see well or having to make an emergency visit to an optometrist in the country that you're visiting. By ordering an extra pair of glasses from your optometrist in your correct prescription, you can make sure that you're able to see properly at all times and that you won't be worried if your glasses get lost since you'll have a backup pair.

Check if Contact Lenses Are a Possibility

If you intend on doing some more adventurous activities during your trip, it makes sense to check if you should be wearing contact lenses instead. When you're spending time on the water, going biking, or doing other athletic activities, contact lenses can be more functional since you won't need to worry about the glasses falling off. If you've never worn contact lenses before and don't have any at home, a visit to your eye doctor can help give you the info you need and lead you to being able to get the contact lenses you want.

As you prepare for leaving for a trip abroad, making a visit to the eye doctor can help ensure that you'll be comfortable with your vision and being able to see properly during your trip.