Signs You May Need Reading Glasses

Whether or not you currently wear prescription glasses, you may eventually find that you need a little help with regards to seeing things that are close-up. When you have a bit of a problem seeing things close-up, this is referred to as 'far-sightedness.' Far-sightedness is something that tends to happen naturally as you age, but it can affect young people as well. Far-sightedness can come on slowly, making it difficult for you to realize that you are even having a problem. This article will teach you about some of the signs to look for to catch on to the fact you may be having issues sooner, so you can get in to have the problem looked into and properly treated.

You wonder if your current prescription is starting to go bad – If your glasses still seem to work for far away items you look at, but they are starting to not work as well when you go to look at something right in front of you, then you may have come to a point where you are now dealing with far-sightedness, along with whatever other issues you have that put you into the glasses, to begin with.

You find yourself holding paperwork further from your face to read it – The worse your eyes get with far-sightedness, the further away from your face you will need to hold papers, books or other items in order to see them clearly. While you may not notice when you are holding things just a little further away, over time, it can become more obvious when you start to notice that your arms are really stretched out.

You find yourself doing a lot of blinking when you are trying to read something close-up – If you are having a hard time focusing in on something that you are trying to read, then it can be common to find yourself repeatedly blinking your eyes in an attempt to better focus on those words.

You have a hard time doing the things you used to do with ease – Aside from reading, other things can also become harder when you are far-sighted. For example, if you used to have no problem clipping the nails of your small dog and now you find you can't get them in a good position where you can clearly see their nails, then it may be a good indication that it is time to go in for another eye exam. Another example may be having a harder time with things like threading a needle or even sewing something by hand.

Conclusion - Going in for an exam may lead to a diagnosis of far-sightedness and a prescription for reading glasses, or the addition of bifocals in a pair of prescription glasses.

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