There Are Two “Eyes” In “Vitamins”: Are Your Eyes Getting The Vitamins They Need?

Stop and think about that for a second. The word "vitamins" has two i's in it, or you can think of it as two "eyes." Your own two eyes need vitamins to function normally. Do you know which vitamin supplements for eye health you should be taking? Are your eyes getting enough? Check what you know against the following list. Vitamin A Almost everyone knows that eyes need vitamin A. It is the dominant reason that everyone, from eye doctors to your mother, tells you to eat your carrots. Read More 

Achromatopsia Can Affect More Than Your Child’s Color Perception

Achromatopsia is a rare, inherited disorder that affects vision. Symptoms include light sensitivity, nystagmus, decreased vision, and loss of some or all color vision. If achromatopsia runs in the family and your child has these or other vision problems, it's important to have his or her vision evaluated by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. Although there is no cure for achromatopsia, there are options available to manage the symptoms: Achromatopsia Defined Read More 

Leaving On An Extended Trip Abroad? 3 Reasons To Schedule An Eye Exam Before You Go

When preparing for a trip away from home and especially to another country, it's likely that you've already made plans to schedule a visit to the doctor for vaccinations and a thorough wellness checkup. One place you may have forgotten about that can be very valuable if you wear glasses is your eye doctor. Your optometrist can help ensure that you're ready for your trip and that you won't have any issues related to your vision while abroad on your trip. Read More 

Sawdust: A Danger To Optical Health

Some amateur woodworkers may not understand the dangers that their pastime poses to their eyes. While flying debris is perhaps the largest danger to your optical health, sawdust can turn into its own serious problem. Understanding why you need to protect your eyes against sawdust can help you avoid unnecessary trips to an optometrist. Sawdust is Dangerous It's easy to overlook the dangers of sawdust. How could something so small offer any real health risk? Read More 

Get Framed: 3 Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Wear Glasses

Some people view their eyeglasses as an integral part of their personality. For others, a pair of specs is just a necessary evil, to be taken out of the case and used when they can't wear their contacts. No matter how you feel about your eyeglasses, you must admit that they've certainly come a long way since the days of monocles. When you visit your optician for your next pair, you'll find even more innovations in eyeglass durability, style and comfort. Read More