3 Tests Used To Diagnose Glaucoma

Eyesight is one of the most important senses. Without the ability to see clearly, it can be challenging to engage in routine daily tasks. Regular eye exams with your optometrist can be a great way to preserve your vision by identifying the early signs of disease. Glaucoma is one disease that eye doctors check for. This condition occurs when intraocular fluid within the eye cannot circulate and drain properly. As the pressure of the fluid builds up, the optic nerve is damaged, and eyesight is compromised. Read More 

Signs You May Need Reading Glasses

Whether or not you currently wear prescription glasses, you may eventually find that you need a little help with regards to seeing things that are close-up. When you have a bit of a problem seeing things close-up, this is referred to as 'far-sightedness.' Far-sightedness is something that tends to happen naturally as you age, but it can affect young people as well. Far-sightedness can come on slowly, making it difficult for you to realize that you are even having a problem. Read More